Creating Customer Stories

What is a customer story? Well, it’s really all about YOU, and YOUR experience here at Brad Deery Motors.

Every customer has a different experience whether they are buying a car or getting an oil change. There are a lot of moving pieces and factors that come through our dealership every day. While each customer case is unique, the one thing we try to do is ensure your time here is nothing but positive. This is why we value your feedback so much. What you liked, or might not have liked when you stopped in, is all relevant to how we do business with future and returning customers. So writing a review for us is greatly appreciated. Not only do we learn from them, but future customers can also obtain a sense of comfort and familiarity with our company before they come in by reading some of your stories.

While we currently have over 500 five-star-reviews on our website, it’s not the stars that mean the most to us. It’s the words that come with. The automotive industry is more personal than some might think. We at Brad Deery Motors want to take the time to get to know you, your families, and lifestyle. This helps us make the right decisions when you come in to look for a car, get service help, or for any other automotive advice. Knowing we are making a positive impact with our customers, and reading stories like in the photo above or on our website, make us really love what we do.

Connecting with the community and those who make up the Deery Family is what our dealership is built on. Because without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Without you, there would be no stories.

We can’t wait to hear yours next.